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Altuera is an expert in contact center solutions. We are focused on building innovative and technological call centers. Excellent qualification in enterprise applications allows our specialists to perform the most complicated tasks.
Altuera has expertise in the deployment and support of contact center systems.
One of our strong points is setting up data integration processes between all kinds of corporate systems.
Altuera carries out projects in major business sectors in Russia and CIS: banks, microfinance, debt collectors, insurance, telecommunications, logistics and retail.
For 5 years, we have been passionate about achieving better results that bring success for your business.
Today, Altuera sells, develops, supports, and provides professional services for a perfect Customer Experience.
Company based in Moscow and have representatives around the world.
To turn your ideas into meaningful business insights, to extract opportunities from data, we use our best experience to bring value to your company in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty, improved ROI and reduced cost to serve.
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Our services
High-tech software solutions from market leaders directed at improve personalized and consistent Customer Experience.
Omnichannel Contact Center
Omnichannel –market-leading idea for your business.
Our competent and experienced employees handle projects with care and enthusiasm earning high customer reviews.
Self-Service Voice Platforms
Self-service system construction is one of the key challenges for CC's. For sure costs for self-service customers can't be compared to classic service with agent, but on the market you can find many examples, when self-service system overly intrusive and not usefull for customers. Ineffective solutions lower customer loaylity and lead customers move out.
Our profile to build effective in many dimensions self-service system.
Synthesis of Speech and Speech Recognition
When it work right it's pure WOW-effect!!! But when it doesn't work right, it's pure frustration, it leads to very negative customers reaction.
10 years experience with technologies, we'v seen latest changes in technologies and results.
In our practice, we use technologies from next vendors: Nuance, SpeechPro, Yandex, Phonexia etc.
Speech Analytics
Every CC about or higher 100 seats facing quality control challenge.
Finding the problem areas, the adjustment of training programs, evaluation and certification of personnel, handling complaints and many other processes aimed at improve the quality of service, are extremely difficult when speech analytics system absent.
We ready to share our experience and practice, based on Phonexia, SpeechPro and Verint.
Voice and Foto Biometrics
When your work with personal data - security is a top thing. Many technologies of remote identification and authentication out of date or has been seriously compromised, because of technology evolution and access to information. Biometric identification one of the few technologies with high reliability and high resistance to fraud. In the world of information security experts agree, that modern biometric technology is almost the only available way to effectively combat fraud.
AntiFRAUD system is a part of the voice biometrics and photo system. This allows you to proactively identify frauds and prevent their actions. The system have the greatest value at the stage of submission of the loan application in the field of remote banking services.
Recording and Quality Management
Call recording is an integral part of any contact center. Modern recording system not just a record of conversations and searching interface. This multi-functional complex, which is solving a wide range of tasks: call recording, evaluation and certification of personnel, quality control strategy, deep reporting and analysis on the quality of services, management of the process of learning and re-training of employees, automatic management skills of employees on the basis of the certification data.
Workforce Management
Every CC manager understand the complexity and difficulty in managing 100+ agents. When planning your work schedule without the use of WFM systems cannot avoid losses in the efficient use of resources and loss of customer requests. Even if it is possible to plan the master schedule with minor business loss, problems remain in the areas: graphics performance monitoring, replacement and hospital, unplanned projects, taking into account the time spent and other. All these tasks are successfully solved in WFM systems.
Bots and Self-Service Solutions
Many Internet communications industry giants caught this trend and provide business with ability to connect business systems with communication systems. Such bundles known as bots. Today Bot's platform has almost all social networks and instant messengers.
Development Bot is not something even a Rocket Science and is available to the student. However, most of the available robots distinguished by their futility or limits.
Integration Solutions
Telecommunication platform in company IT-landscape that stand away from adjacent systems, commonly mean "need as water in a leaking ship". Efficiency and value of this solution for the business quite low. Only deep integrated with adjacent systems telecommunication platform can show best results.
We have over 10 years' experience in integration with CC's - CRM, ERP, DWH, CardProcessing & HSM, BPM, Service Bus etc.
Integration is one of our greatest strengths!

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